Choose right accommodation

Travelling with friends, family or alone, one thing that keeps you thinking
is the right hotel for your stay. Planning a trip, choosing a location and
booking a hotel are different things and cannot be compared. Earlier,
tourists had to depend on state tourism hotels or hearsay from friends who
had stayed there before. Also, you had to book earlier to get your rooms
otherwise the bookings would be over in peak season. Although the
scenario has changed as you online booking portals to give information
and do your bookings, you need to remain alert for booking the right hotel.
While booking a hotel, make a check list. Ask questions to yourself are you
looking for a good night stay and free breakfast, looking for property that
is cozy, where staff is friendly or a luxurious, spacious property, consumer
friendly formal décor or elegant chic interiors in the room. Segregate in
terms of priority that is price, basic amenities and accessible location.
Before finalizing on the hotel, check for their website. They have the
pictures of rooms, amenity details and surrounding areas of the hotel.
Many times photography can impress but reality might be different. Hence
check when the hotel was renovated for its cleanliness and well maintained
interiors. Check for the accessibility to major tourist spots. Also, check
whether they provide car services to the tourists.
Compare the hotel on various hotel booking sites and also check their
reviews by the sites. Check the guest reviews about the hotel which can
give you a fair idea. If you have children and young adults, look for kids
friendly amenities on their premises. Confirm the safety measures by hotels
for infants, toddlers and senior citizens.

If you are booking through the popular tour operator then you don’t have
to worry about the accommodation as they have great experience and will
provide best for you.